Write To Prisoners As Political Action

This conversation with Elisenda Ardèvol , which will take place at the Casa de la Generalitat in Perpignan on 19 February 2020, proposes a reflection on writing and the epistolary genre in Internet times as a result of the Escriu als presos a Catalunya campaign. Will explore the writing of letters to political prisoners in Catalonia and their effects. We will dwell on the letters sent to prison and the material, sensory, emotional. And affective implications of political action centered on word and correspondence.

We will see how the personal letter as an intimate act of writing becomes a collective affair through its dissemination on social media, in the media, in the streets and squares, and in collective writing workshops. . Letters (sent, rejected, replies) that are made public on the Internet South Korea Phone Number List not only an emotional bond between sender and recipient. But also a political action that is both intimate and collective, private and public, spontaneous and. Letters to Freedom; writing to prisoners as a political action

Which Will Take Place At The Casa

Is based on research carried out by Elisenda Ardèvol (UOC) and Isabel Travancas (UFRJ) on writing campaigns for political prisoners in Brazil and Catalonia. This research carried out between April 2018 and January 2019 explores the writing of letters as a political action and its circulation on social networks as a result of fieldwork carried out around the campaigns Write to prisoners in Catalonia especially for the case by Jordi Sánchez and Jordi Cuixart, and Lula Livre! For the arrest and imprisonment of former President Lula in Brazil.

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Photo by Elisenda Ardèvol The fieldwork is based on digital ethnography, which begins. On social media and continues in the streets, squares and collective writing workshops. Although we have been following two campaigns since their inception, the most intensive fieldwork out from April 2018 to January 2019. And consists mostly of a follow-up of the letters in the media. And more specifically on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. In Catalonia, we also attended a group writing workshop in Barcelona

Although We Have Been Following Two Campaigns

and various political events where letters from prisoners read and some interviews. The writers and Susanna Barreda, Jordi Sánchez’s partner; In Brazil, a visit made to the Lula Institute in São Paulo. Interviews were with activists, and a group writing workshop was in Rio de Janeiro. In both the Brazilian and Catalan cases. The letters set in contexts of strong political tension and broader social movements.

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