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To paraphrase a very well-known marketing quote, video is king. The power of video is unlimited when it comes to digital marketing and sales. And as you’d imagine, one of the most popular platforms for Iran WhatsApp Number List YouTube. YouTube is an extremely powerful medium and, if leveraged properly, it can be very effective for both marketing and sales. In this blog post, we’ll help you understand how to build an effective YouTube Video Sales Funnel. More specifically, we’ll outline what kind of videos you should create for the following steps. Your customers’ journey: Awareness Acquisition Retention Sounds tricky? Don’t worry, we’ll share examples as well.

Manually Setting and Checking

Steps for Creating a YouTube Video Sales Funnel That Converts Focus on Specific. How can you achieve that, I hear you ask? The vast majority of the people who use YouTube are looking for answers Iran WhatsApp Number List to their questions. It’s your job to identify which specific problems your audience has and provide them with sufficient answers. Your task is to create videos that focus on suitable solutions to your audience’s questions and pain points.

Iran WhatsApp Number List

Let’s use an example to make that a bit more clear. Example: Uscreen Our example is Uscreen. An example of such a problem is when someone is asking about “video monetization” on YouTube. Uscreen Iran WhatsApp Number List is an all-in-one OTT platform that helps businesses and individuals with video monetization. As you can see in the screenshot below, we’ve prepar a video. This topic which ranks on YouTube when someone searches the term ‘video monetization’.

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