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Once your website has your visitor’s attention, you must tell them to do something. People don’t want to think – they want to be guid. If you leave them confused or frustrated or overwhelmed with too Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List many choices, they will leave because it was unclear what you wanted them to do.

Ever land on a website that hasn’t been optimized for mobile devices? Do you try to stretch the screen so you can click on the navigation and find? What you are looking for or do you leave and find a website that is easier to use? Giving visitors a mobile friendly experience can be the difference between a new customer and one that never knows how your business can help them.

 Visitors have to search for

Determine the primary goal of each web page and create your call to action to achieve that goal. Understand the buying process of your target audience and provide them the right call to action at the right Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List. If someone is just starting their research on a potential solution, asking them to buy is premature. However, giving them an educational piece may be just what they are looking for. A contact page is a must but don’t make your visitor search for it. Put your phone number where it is clearly visible and make it click to call for mobile visitors.

Sri-Lanka WhatsApp Number List

I don’t expose email addresses on websites due to harvesters, but web forms can help people contact you via email without the risk. Use simple forms that are clearly targeted at what the person may want. Title the Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List so people know what to use them for. Want more information? Need an estimate? These forms help people take action and make your call to action clear.

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